wha…? Apartment Therapy??

10 Mar

I didn’t fall of the face if the earth. I’ve just been kinda doing wrapped up in the everyday “stuff”. Honestly, I kinda forgot I was supposed to be writing! I have some updating to do, and will get on it this weekend, but I just wanted to share my “Wha….?” moment with you. That’s what I say when I’m literally speechless. Which y’all know happens so rarely!

Anyway. I found out today that our living room is on Apartment Therapy! Wha….? Yeah. I thought it was pretty freaking awesome. There were a couple of comments that made me scowl, but as Chris says they’re just haters. I’ll go with that! I guess though to just address them in short order, we LOVE the living room. We think that it matches wonderfully with the “brown” stone fireplace, and we like our furniture thankyouverymuch. And we own it. And we spent less than $200 on EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF FURNITURE in the living room. So…yeah. That said, there were a lot of really positive comments and I really appreciate them. The floor was a ton of work, so it’s nice to have people at least see that it was a labor of love. I feel pretty honored that someone thought that our floor was good enough to even TALK about, let alone put on a site like Apartment Therapy! I’m pretty flattered.

Check out the post on Apartment Therapy here.


maybe not yet but it’s good enough for me!

17 Feb

Today was the most spectacularly beautiful day (70 degrees!) we’ve had in months. It was a wonderful reminder of why we’re here and why I love Georgia so much. I really, really, REALLY dislike the cold and I detest the snow. Winter in Maine makes me feel like a bear. I just want to hibernate until it’s over (can you say seasonal depression?) I don’t know if winter is really gone, but for me it is. It’s kind of like in Maine, I’d get to about the end of February and declare winter over. I’d wear flip flops every day no matter what. Even when there was still 3 feet of snow on the ground and I knew that winter wasn’t really over until the last week of April. Because that’s how I roll. To me, decorating is no different. I don’t want winter anymore. I want to feel refreshed and new, which is what spring feels like to me. And I don’t want to hibernate anymore! So today, inspired by the weather, I took down all the winter decorating stuff and brought out the spring stuff. It wasn’t much, but just enough to make it FEEL lighter.

I’ve loved the sticks on my mantle, I’ve used them in several different places, I love how organic they make the room feel, and I wasn’t willing to get rid of them just because they didn’t really “fit” with spring and summer. Sticks in the fall and winter, yes. Spring and summer, not so much. So I had a vision. Inspired by this (Vincent Van Gogh’s painting “Almond Blossoms” –which happens to be one of my favorite paintings by my absolute favorite artist):

I made this:

Kinda cool, I thought. It was really easy. I just used some metal twine, like you’d use for flower arrangements, some fake hydrangea blooms (cut from bunches I already had), and sticks.

I cut the bloom right from the bunch, making sure I’d left enough stem to wrap the wire around. Then I wound some of the wire around the stem of the hydrangea bloom.

Geesh, need a manicure, much? Anyway, then I wound the wire around the branch.

Here’s what it looks like all done and prettified.

In keeping with the “artist” theme, I decided to just make the apples random. They’re supposed to look like they would in a still life painting. When I tried to explain this reasoning to Chris, he assured me they “still just look like apples”. Well, it makes sense to me, and I just love it.

I really love how simple it is. The little vintage milk jar is something that I had on a shelf in another room. And let’s be honest, I have a thing for hydrangeas. I think they go with any season and green is my favorite color.

It was so easy and totally free. I LOVE that! I’ll leave you with one last bit of inspiration.

Our kitchen chalkboard. Love.  Happy spring (even if it’s only pretend and it snows 4 feet where you are)!

still painting

16 Feb

I’ve been a little absent lately, I’ve been working away at the bedroom. If you follow me on twitter, you know that today I started painting the bed…again. I promise to have an update with pictures soon! I have all kinds of goodies to show off, lots if crazy good deals, which I’m hoping will come together soon. My goal is to have this part finished by today, but we all know how well I do with goals 😉

now if I could just figure out those darn hashtags

3 Feb

This past Sunday, one of my friends from Bible study suggested we look at Twitter for some inspirational posts and such. Honestly, I was a little hesitant. I was on Twitter before, and I didn’t really “get” it. All the hash tags and @whoever was too confusing. I was on Facebook, I had email and texting, I certainly didn’t need one more way for people to talk to me. Until I did.

I’ve been a housewife/stay at home mom for just over a year now. In my previous life, I worked in a pretty busy office, talked to lots of different people every day. I was talked out by the end of the day. It’s been an adjustment to say the least. Most days, I don’t see anyone but Chris and the kids. I don’t drive, well I did, but I don’t now. Long story, it involves no insurance, an accident (I wasn’t at fault) and a suspended license. I look forward to Sundays, because I have church and Bible study, and of course there’s grocery shopping every two weeks…yeah, I don’t have a lot of interaction with people. I’ve been feeling very isolated, very…in my own world. And that’s just not healthy. I know I don’t spend much time talking about it, but I’ve had a lot of struggles with depression. There are days that I don’t want to get out of bed, I just want to sleep and let the world pass me by. Those are the days that I crave contact the most. Those are the days that are the hardest to remember why I gave up working so that my kids would have what Chris and I feel is best for them, which is a full-time mom at home. We had a break over the holidays from out Bible study group (and they really are THE best people I’ve ever known. I’d trust any one of them with anything. They’re just awesome), and the break was hard. I missed the interaction. And there was the whole not going home for Christmas thing. That was really hard. Chris and I were seemingly at constant odds. That was the hardest. It was just one thing on top of another, just piling on, while I feel like I’m being crushed under the weight of this loneliness and isolation. Don’t feel sorry for me, I don’t want pity. It’s my own fault for allowing myself to wallow in it, and it’s my own fault for looking in instead of up for answers.

So Sunday night, I went home and got reacquainted with Twitter at the suggestion of my friend. And pretty much…it’s awesome. How did I not use it a year ago?! It’s WAY faster than Facebook. And who wants to scroll through all the “today’s horoscope is” or “repost this 73 times if you agree” posts (sorry if you do that. I just don’t want to read it!) I think of Twitter like texting, only it’s a much bigger audience. It’s instantaneous replies, a wealth of friends, acquaintances, people you admire, people you think are funny, inspiration, the list is endless. It can really be what you want it to be. Facebook is great, don’t get me wrong, but for me right now, Twitter makes me feel like there’s a whole world out there of people who think the same things that I think…because they’re the ones I choose to follow, unlike Facebook, when your friend starts raving about how we should eat kittens for dinner because they’re good protein, there’s really not an off switch. Twitter there is. I just don’t have to follow them. They can follow me, but it doesn’t have to be mutual. Yes, I know that I can hide what certain people say on Facebook, and I have from time to time, but that just seems rude. And what if they talk to you and you don’t answer because you’ve hidden all of their posts. Busted.

Anyway. Twitter has helped me reconnect to the world. Now I feel like I can throw off the covers and face the day, metaphorically and literally. I’m interested in what’s going on in the rest of the world. I’m inspired and convicted by the Bible verses, quotes and the like. When my friend suggested Twitter to me, she told me about the people she follows and how their quotes and verses surround her in the Word all day long. She was SO right! I love talking to people who I wouldn’t normally talk to often because they’re not on Facebook much. I’m just really glad I gave it another shot.

You can follow me on Twitter if you want. You can see what I’ve said that’s fascinating (although it’s rarely fascinating) or just mundane. Or you can say, Psh. I don’t care what Merritt says. And that’s ok too. But I’d highly recommend you try Twitter, especially if you’re at home or feel isolated. There’s a whole other world out there.

P.S. I don’t really have a friend that raves about eating kittens for dinner. I just didn’t want to use a specific example and single anyone out.

real love on valentine’s day

3 Feb

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is in 12 days? That means it’s only another 14 days until my birthday! WoootWoooot! Chris and I don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day. This is a guy who covers me up with the blankets before he gets in bed ever single night, he will rub my back when it hurts, put lotion on my feet, he’ll go out and buy me diet Coke in a blizzard if I asked him to, but that man is a TOTAL doofus about any kind of gift-giving holiday. Don’t get me wrong, I’d take what I have any day over someone who is a jerk the other 360 days of the year that aren’t some kind of holiday. But I haven’t gotten a gift (unless I told him exactly what to buy) for Christmas, my birthday, our anniversary, Valentine’s Day, you name it in seven years. He just kind of…forgets. Valentine’s Day doesn’t really count as a holiday, a lot of people say it’s a stupid holiday, but I think any day that you show someone that you love them isn’t a stupid day. That’s what I’m asking for this year.

Love146 is an organization that seeks to end child slavery and sex trafficking. An estimated 27 MILLION people worldwide are enslaved. Two CHILDREN are sold every minute. Over 1.2 MILLION children are trafficked annually. Over 100,000 CHILDREN in the UNITED STATES are forcefully engaged in pornography or prostitution. Let that sink in. Children. Million. United States. Children.  

Chris and I will be skipping the traditional cheesy-drug-store-end-up-in-a-shoe-box-at-the-bottom-of-your-closet-cards and are sending Love146 e-cards instead. With the e-card, we’ll be making a donation to Love146 in the hopes that we can help even one child know love and comfort this Valentine’s Day.

You can find all kind of cards (including Valentine’s Day cards) here. Check out the rest of their website, it’s full of information about who they are, what they do and why they do it. 

Show someone you love them by showing love to a child who desperately needs it.

I’m not affiliated in anyway with Love146. I haven’t been paid, perked or compensated in any way for this post. It’s just something Chris and really care about and want to share with you.

to do list

1 Feb

I’m a list girl. I love lists. I love the organization, I love the act of crossing things off my list, I’m seriously all about the list. Chris is the same way. He’ll even have me write something on his list after he’s done it just so he can cross it off. We just love the sense of accomplishment. And I find that a list will propel me to remain task-at-hand-focused (I often tend to jump from one project to another before I’ve finished the previous one). That and I can’t remember jack if I don’t write it down.

Anyway, I’ve had some people say how can you POSSIBLY have anything else to do?! Aren’t you done yet? Haven’t you repainted every room at least 3 times? What on Earth do you have left to do? Well, I’m glad you asked. And yes, I repainted the kitchen 4 times. It just wasn’t right. I’m OCD. Don’t judge.

Here we go.


  • Top of dishwasher –basically, if you push the dishwasher, like if you lean on, it slides back into the surround. You have to wiggle it out every so often because of not, the door rubs against the sides of the cut-out. It’s super annoying. And you can see the brackets where it was installed, it hasn’t been covered up yet.
  • counter trim around stove –the ends of the counter are still bare, this would be a 5 minute job if I could pull the stove out by myself (Chris are you reading this?)
  • file side counter near phone –we put the trim on the end of the counter, but I didn’t finish filing it smooth. You were supposed to use a metal file, I used a nail file. Fail.
  • ceiling –I told you about the ceiling MONTHS ago, and it still isn’t finished. I’ll explain more on that later this week.
  • lights (drop boxes) –need the electrician for this one. SO not dealing with that crap again.
  • baseboard molding –started but not finished.
  • paint laundry room ceiling –I thought I wanted it green to match the walls, so I painted some of it green. Then I thought white, now I’m not sure. When I figure it out, I’ll finish that.
  • touch up paint on ceiling vent
  • bar leg –ok this one is so stupid. The leg that holds the end of the counter up isn’t the right size, it doesn’t go all the way to the floor and wasn’t installed properly so it’s crooked. Sometimes it falls out.
  • seal window –it gets condensation all over it when it’s humid outside and the air conditioner is on. Probably ought to take a look at that.
  • door seal –Luke strikes again. We’ve replaced the weather strip in between the French doors three times. Luke apparently doesn’t like it. If we don’t get him as soon as he wants in, he scratches at the door and because he’s a rhino, it tears up the door seal.
  • make curtain for washer and dryerCHECK! Pictures coming soon.


(you can read all about the plumbing nightmares here and here)

  • crown molding
  • floor molding
  • molding around tub surround (hide screws) –the tub surround was screwed in place instead of glued, so we have to cover the screws. Haven’t figured out a good solution to that yet.
  • caulk sink –can’t do this until the plumbing is done
  • spackle/paint over door –I ran out of spackle in the bathroom and haven’t gone back to finish it
  • door trim/fix door –when the plumber was doing her whole “Destroy my house thing” she ripped off the door trim because it was “easier”. She did not get a Christmas card this year.
  • reface tub –same awesome plumber left the tub surround outside when we were waiting a month for her to come back and finish the job and it was damaged. Half of it is yellow, half of it is white.
  • drain cover in tub –yet another thing the plumber didn’t do
  • replumb sink –are you seeing a pattern? This one is actually kinda funny. When the kids use too much soap, the bubbles squirt out of the pipes underneath the sink. Well, I think it’s funny. Chris not so much. It doesn’t leak water, just bubbles.
  • paint ceiling
  • screws on toilet –I think we lost the little things that cover up the screws. They’re probably still in the plumber’s pocket.


  • trim in bedroom –I think I’m repainting, so I haven’t finished the trim yet
  • tile bathtub surround –we have a tub wall, but it sucks. We’d rather have tile. This one is a loooooong shot though. Sounds like a lot more than we want to spend right now.
  • window covering in bathroom –fortunately, the window overlooks the backyard, otherwise the neighbors would be getting a show!
  • replace drain in tub –we have the most awful drain. It’s one of the pull up kind, and it’s ALWAYS clogged. Liquid Plumber doesn’t touch it.
  • floor trim
  • crown molding
  • screws on toilet –same as in the kids’ bathroom. Can’t find those covers!


(did you miss the awesome living room transformation? You can find that here)

  • baseboard trim –we aren’t sure if we want to replace it completely or just add some quarter round to fill in the gap between the current molding and the floor.
  • install lights –we have two holes in the ceiling for recessed lights. Everything is all hardwired, we just need to have the electrician come back and install them.
  • replace white pillows on couchCHECK! I got the best pillows from Pottery Barn. I’m hoping they’re here this week. And yes, they were on sale and I got free shipping.


  • fix doorbell –I was so excited to have a door bell when we bought this house. It hasn’t worked since we moved in.
  • lawn –the dust bowl/mud pit  WILL be gone this spring.
  • door knobs –they used to be gold, then I tried to spray paint them all a brushed silver to match the new ones we bought and they look like crap. So they need to all be replaced.
  • replace kids’ blinds –they have the old plastic blinds, we’re replacing them with the faux wood ones like in the living room.
  • check attic for bats –y’all. There was a bat. In the kitchen. Hanging from the track lighting. Is there really anything else to say?
  • dryer vent –needs the little cover thingy on the outside. Yeah, I really don’t know what that is either, but Chris said it needs to be done.
  • fix couch legs –awhile back one of the legs fell off the couch and Chris “built” new ones (he stacked little bits of wood all nailed in together). Believe it or not, they’re not holding up real well. Who knew?
  • paint exterior –we’re tackling that this summer.

So that’s about it…I think. It seems like a never-ending list. For as much as I love lists, it’s also frustrating to have a house to do list. When we cross one thing off, we add two more things. I long for the day when there are no more projects and I can just relax and not feel like I’m slacking off because I’m not working on the list. In those times I just say…woosah.

(This is NOT kid appropriate.)

365 fail

25 Jan

Are you surprised that I’ve already failed my post a day for 365 days goal? Yeah, me neither. that’s ok thought. I’ll start again.

It’s really hard though. I don’t have something to say every day. I guess I’m still trying to find my footing with the whole writing thing. I don’t WANT to be a decorating blog. I don’t WANT to be a mommy blog. I don’t really have a box that I fit in. And I really like boxes, what with all of their organizational potential (literally and metaphorically!) I like feeling like I have a place and a purpose.

I’m just struggling to figure out what that is right now.

So I’m clear, not struggling in life, just writing/blogging.