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About Me

1 Jan

My name is Merritt, I’m a (newly) full time wife and mother of two tweens. I gave up my career to move across the country and start a new life for my family. “Life’s a journey, not a destination” (Ralph Waldo Emerson…and Aerosmith) — this is my journey.

This year our family moved from Maine (where I’d lived my whole life) to Georgia. I absolutely adore the South, I always have. My favorite movie, even when I was a little girl, is Gone With the Wind. I used to dream about being Scarlett O’Hara, and being a strong and brave woman, and always the belle of the ball. I yearned for cotillions, mansions, hoop skirts, and that famous red clay, as silly as it sounds. I promised myself that someday, I’d live there. My husband is from Georgia, so moving there wasn’t as strange of a move as you’d think. One day we just decided we were done with Maine, and we bought a great little house in a great subdivision, in a great school district in Georgia.

The crazy thing is, Georgia is exactly like I pictured it…minus the mansions, hoop skirts and cotillions (they really do have red clay). I suppose there are mansions, although everytime I go in one, people are always shouting things at me like, hey, call the cops! Some crazy woman is breaking in again! But, I am the belle of the ball.

Chris is my partner in crime, aka my husband. He’s secretly afraid of bees and other “wing-ed creatures”. He’s rude, arrogant, a total smart ass, and which is of course why we’re a perfect fit.

My daughter, Kat, is a TOTAL diva. She’s 10 going on 20, and full of tween angst. She’s convinced that the world revolves around her. Hard to imagine where she gets that kind of attitude from… My son, David, is impish and absolutely hilarious. He has a totally warped sense of humor: bugs, boogers, and butt jokes, anything gross and inappropriate. He’s always a dinner-time hit. Maybe a little impartiality here, but I’m the mom of the coolest kids on the planet.

So that’s a little me and my crazy little family. And I do mean crazy.