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My thoughts…

31 Oct

While I like to think that I can express my thoughts coherently, I couldn’t have said this better myself. It was in the New York Times yesterday:

The era that began with police roadblocks keeping black voters from the polls in Florida is ending with the first African American almost-president. The long, wretched period bookmarked by the Florida recount and the Wall Street bailout, encompassing, for starters, 9/11, anthrax (and the run on duct tape), Iraq, the Medicaid prescription drug sellout, Katrina and such loony White House extremism that even the naked-statue-draping John Ashcroft emerged as a voice of moderation, is about to pass into the history books.



Second try

24 Oct

Apparently the whole blogging thing kinda got away from me for awhile. I indulged in some summer fun, and of course the flurry of back-to-school activities.

Davey is finishing up his first season of tackle football. He’s the best little offensive lineman you’ve ever seen…and weighs in at a whopping 58 lbs. That’s ok though, who says you have to be a behemoth be a great football player? Kat did football cheering, which is so low-key after All Star cheering, it’s like watching grass grow. But I did my dutiful best to cheer them both on, and of course Chris was right out there on the field coaching David, so it’s been a family affair.

Presidential Politics

24 Oct

I totally neglected to touch on the presidential race. Ok so. We’re about 9 days out. I’m literally electric with excitement about this. It’s actually within striking distance. No time in my life have I ever felt such a real purpose in the American electoral process. Of course 2000 taught us that every vote counts, and 2004…well, let’s just forget 2004, obviously I made a judgement error there. But this is different, I have the ability to vote for history. That’s not to say that I wasn’t going to vote for Obama no matter what (I was), but to be on the right side of history is just awe inspiring. I’m proud of the way that he has conducted this campaign. I’m proud of the policies he’s proposed. I’m proud that I’m voting for this once in a lifetime candidate, who I truly believe will change the country and the world.

That being said, let me just say a little something about the opponents. John McCain, decent guy, but waaaaaayyyyy too old and totally out of touch. Sarah Palin (cue gagging). I detest this woman. She’s a liar, she promotes hate and bigotry, and her kids have the dumbest names ever, with maybe the exception of Frank Zappa’s. I could go on for hours about the ridiculousness that is Sarah Palin. As Chris says, poor, poor Sarah Palin. The poor woman doesn’t even know how dumb she is. I concur.