Choir of angels

10 Dec

So we went to David’s holiday concert. He’s so cute it kills me. It’s hilarious to watch because he’s up there thinking how dumb these songs are (you can totally see it all over his face), next to these other kids who are singing their little hearts out. Then of course he catches Chris’ eye (who is bobbing is head along with the music like a moron) and just busts out laughing. Then he sees me, and of course I’m trying not to laugh at him laughing at Chris, so he just keeps on trying desperately to keep a straight face, all the while the music teacher is frantically waving her hands around in some vain attempt to make the kids’ remember the words and stay on key…or maybe just because that’s what they taught her to do in music teacher college, I can’t say for sure that the movements actually mean anything…but I digress. Hurray for off-key singing and over-zealous music teachers!


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