Comedy Theatre

15 Dec

The driveway still has a sheer coating of ice, and the kids were of course playing around on it. First Kat fell, squarely on her butt. I of course delivered my momly, be careful, and no sooner do the words come out of my mouth, David is on the ground. I laughed (all good moms laugh when their children fall, didn’t you know that?) and David got up kind quickly and walked around like nothing had happened.

Me: Are you ok?

David: Fine.

Me: Is your pride hurt?

David: Nope, just my arm.

I about peed my pants I laughed so hard. He’s too funny. And he’s truly one of those kids whose humor is so subtle, I don’t even know that he means to be that funny. So anyway, the bus pulls up, and these two kids, who normally wouldn’t be caught dead touching each other, let alone hold hands, look furtively at each other and grab hands. Watching the two them take baby steps toward the bus, like a little old couple while clutching each other for dear life was a riot.

Sigh, kids are funny.


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