Gentlemen Prefer…?

16 Dec

Last night we watched Gentlemen Prefer Blondes with Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell, which I j’adored! I’d never seen it, and I really, really loved it. It was genuinely funny, and it’s so much fun to watch old movies where everyone looks fabulous and sings and dances…love it. I also really loved that Lorelei (Marilyn Monroe’s character) was unabashedly a gold-digger. I’ve shared her whole philosophy of the world as long as I can remember, not necessarily the gold-digging, but certainly the philosophy that she’s worth it, and why shouldn’t she want the best for herself. But I loved the scene about the tiara. Lorelei is trying on a tiara, and she can’t figure out how to put in on and when they tell her to put it on her head she says, “You DO wear it on your head. I just LOVE finding new places to wear diamonds!” I laughed so hard at that. I mean seriously, is that not totally true?

Anyway, I was noticing the enormous differences between Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe and the movie stars of today. The movie stars of the those days are beautiful and statue-esque, but certainly unconventional beauties by today’s standards. Marilyn Monroe would most likely be plastered all over US Weekly with the headlines “Marilyn, Too Fat?” It’s completely absurd. You could use any of the movie stars of those days, but it was watching Marilyn Monroe that really got me thinking about this. She was (and is) an iconic beauty. Women wanted to be her, men wanted to be with her. Yes, she was typecast, and unfortunately people saw only her looks and not really her as a person, but that only makes my point more. Today’s standards are so ludicrous, unless a woman is stick thin, botoxed, nipped, tucked, and implanted, she’s fat, or not pretty enough. Please. It’s retarded.

See, the problem here is women, not men. I actually heard my mom and my aunt talking a couple of weeks ago, and they were saying that men want thinner women, and DO care about weight, etc. To which I said, bullshit. They still disagreed with me but they’re wrong. Women seem to have this ideal picture in their head of what beauty is, men don’t share it. Yes, men will always love to look at the Jenna Jameson’s of the world, but that’s not who they love, it’s not who they choose to be with. I think that it’s unfair to peg men as these cavemen-like creatures that only care about big boobs and blonde hair. Sure, some men do, but do you honestly want that kind of man anyway? I’m talking about the majority of men. They care about a woman’s personality, their confidence, their wit, etc. Any man will tell you that confidence is sexy. If you act and carry yourself like you weigh 300 lbs, then that’s exactly how you’ll look. But if you own the room, if you own your body, and are comfortable in your own skin, all of a sudden 300 looks like 120. I’m not advocating letting yourself go and burning all your makeup, I’m just saying, be who you are. Be strong, be proud, be beautiful, be you.

Look, I’m no supermodel, I never have been. I’ve always struggled with my weight. But I’ve never, ever had a problem getting men to pay attention to me. That’s not cocky, it’s a fact. I don’t walk around like a fatty fat. Own it ladies, love yourself, love your body, and for God’s sake, push the mute button on what you’re “supposed” to be.

Anyway, that’s my rantyness for today.

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