I’m an AWESOME Mom!

18 Dec

It’s been a pretty busy two days for us. Yesterday we had a lot of snow, so of course that meant shoveling and lots of it. The kids had an early release day, so they “helped” me shovel. And by help, I mean they pushed the snow in all directions…except for pushing it off the driveway. After about and hour, Kat called to me to see how good she was doing, and she’s on her hands and knees in the driveway brushing the snow from side to side. Look! This way you can see the driveway and you don’t have to lift any snow! Sigh. Typical Kat though. She almost got kicked off the bus a couple of months ago. The bus driver wrote her up for causing “excessive mischief”. Being the stellar parent that I am, I burst out laughing. Excessive mischief? As if. What does that even mean? I figure if you can’t give me an actual problem, or an example of bad behavior, it can’t be that bad. Take a pill and get over it. Suffice it to say, she didn’t get in trouble.

Today was David’s big orthodontist day. He had his expander put in. Poor kid. They glue this metal contraption to his teeth with a big bar that runs across the roof of his mouth. He was drooling and talking like his mouth was full all day. It’s gotten better since this evening, and I anticipate it will continue to get better, but man, it was bad, and I felt so bad for him. I showed my stellar mothering skills again today when I packed him a bologna and cheese sandwich, carrots and animal crackers for lunch. Keep in mind, the metal thing covers 3 teeth on each side, so he can’t chew. Yeah…oops. The lunch ladies took pity on him and gave him some mashed potato to eat. The teacher told him to tell me that perhaps soup in a thermos would’ve been a better choice. I’m like, thanks, good tip. He came off the bus crying because he was so hungry. I bought him a chocoloate shake out of sheer guilt.

So pretty much, I’m thinking, I’ve totally sewed up my Mother of the Year award.


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