Merry Christmas, except to the Cowboys who suck.

28 Dec

Busy, busy, busy. We had Christmas Eve here, and it was…hectic. I was working on Tuesday and Chris calls me to tell me the light on the boiler is blinking. I was like eh…ok, and? So he pushes the little button and the furnace starts…and stops. I was like DID WE JUST RUN OUT OF OIL?! Yep. Bone freaking dry. I called the oil company and they’re like, we’ll deliver first thing tomorrow morning. Ok, that’s not completely the end of the world, it’ll just be a tad chilly. We took the kids to my mom’s for a couple of hours and did the last-minute Christmas shopping in the seventh circle of hell, otherwise known as Wal-Mart. 4 hours later (yeah, seriously 4 hours for a total of $30 worth of stuff), we get home, and although it’s pretty cold it’s not that bad. Next morning, I wake up early and go to the bank to get the money to pay the oil delivery guy, who I’m sure will be there literally ANY second. I waited in line for about 45 minutes, sure that I was going to miss him, but I got home and he hadn’t come yet. So I gave Dave (ex-husband/errand boy for the day) my list of needed grocery items to prepare for that evening’s party. The day goes on and on, and no oil delivery. No oil means not only no heat, but no hot water, means no dishes can be done. Finally at about 1:30, oil gets delivered. I run downstairs and push the flashy button…no joy. I push and push, yell some profanities and stomp back upstairs to call my dad for help. Dave finally strolls in at about 2:00 with my groceries (he left the house at 10:00), but completely botched it. My dad was in an appointment and didn’t pick up his phone and my brother was out. So I waited some more. Meanwhile, I’ve dirtied every dish in the house and I have people coming in 4 hours. I smell like a trucker and my house looks like an F5 blew through.

My dad finally answers his cell phone and gives me a bunch of sighs about how busy he is, I’m like, Dad…me too, please help anyway. He and brother come, bang around for about an hour and are like, yeah, we can’t start it. It’s now about 3:15 and I’m seriously on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I was like ok, I’ll boil water to do dishes, I can handle this. We call the oil company back (who has of course closed by now), and they send their emergency guy out. On a side note, I’m switching careers, this guy who didn’t bother showing up until after 4:00 made $120 for his little 35 minute visit. I’m obviously in the wrong profession. Anyway, he trudges around, gets mud all over the kitchen floor, but FINALLY gets the furnace started…at 5:05. I now have company coming in 55 minutes and I still smell like a trucker. So Chris and I go into total panic mode, rushing around like crazy people trying desperately not to kill each other when Chris looks up and goes, “someone’s here”. I think I may have screamed a little, but it was just Michaela coming to help. So people came at 6:00…on the dot. Now mind you, these people have never been on time a day in their lives, and pick today to be on time. Sigh. I didn’t get a shower, but I did get deodorant on, so at least I didn’t smell. All in all it was a good night. It didn’t go at all how I’d planned, but it was ok. Everyone raved about the food, but with all the drama all day, so many little details were missing, and it was definitely not how I wanted it. But what are you gonna do?

Christmas Day was nice, very low-key and quiet. Just hung out at my mom’s and ate myself silly. Friday I ate myself into a sugar-induced coma. Saturday I slept until 2:00 and ate some more. Today I skipped church, and ate some more. Kat had cheering this afternoon. She got her uniform that “fits like a second skin”, which really means don’t breathe or you’ll bust the seams. But that’s what God invented tailors for. Tonight the Cowboys rolled over and died for the Philadelphia Evils. The NFL should be insulted that people actually called that football. I could’ve played better than them. Horrible would be a compliment. 44-6. There are no words for it. It was freaking terrible.

Anyway that was my last few days. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


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