Should’ve just read a book instead…

30 Dec

Ok, there’s NOTHING on tv. I mean nothing. We were actually watching MTV yesterday. We were watching “Made”, and it was about this girl who wanted to be a bad ass skater punk. This poor girl was delusional, going on about how all the cool kids are skaters. Sigh. Sweetie, they’re really not cool at all. Anyway, I felt really bad for this kid. She was like 15, daughter of a “politician” (apparently County Commissioner counts as a politician these days), and her mom had some job outside the home, but really her main job was to quell any urge for this girl to be a normal human being. So the girl is trying to learn to skateboard and kept falling. She cried and was all, I can’t do this! So her mom brings her to the skate park and the girl’s coach is like, Quit being a baby and skate damnit! Her mom like launched herself at the coach and was like screaming at her about how dare she speak to her child like that, blah, blah, blah. I didn’t even finish watching it the woman was so ridiculous I couldn’t stand it. Anyway, the whole thing made me realize 2 things.

1. If I ever act that ridiculous and over-protective about my kids, I give Chris permission to slap me upside the head. Although, I don’t think it’s likely. After all, I am the same mom who laughed at her kid when he fell in the driveway and told her daughter to “toughen up” when she complained about being sick…turns out she had a double ear infection and strep throat…but we won’t discuss that.

2. I’m getting really old. MTV is stupid. The commercials are stupid. I SO don’t get The Hills, or Speidi or whatever the hell that is. And all the flashing lights and break dancing makes me go into convulsions. I used to love MTV, but now it all just makes me feel old.

So what have we learned? 30 is way older than it seemed when I turned 29 and I really am a spectacular mother.

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