Not smoking makes you love sick and delusional.

2 Jan

On January 1, at 12:01, Chris and I were officially in wedded bliss for 2 years. Maybe not wedded bliss, but when you get to spend the rest of your life with your best friend, you feel pretty damn lucky. I was telling Chris last night that part of the insanity of our marriage is that we don’t make sense…at all. We’re total opposites in just about every way. But there in lies the fun. I think I’d get bored if we were the same. Chris never ever bores me, and I get bored pretty easy. Drives me crazy maybe, but never bores me, and honestly I love to be with him. It’s funny because on New Year’s Eve, we were at my mom’s house with my Aunt Joni, Uncle Gary, Michaela, and Gary’s nephew Chris. Well, someone decided that the men had to watch football in the den and the women were going to watch sappy romance movies in the living room. Chris and I were like pffft. It’s our anniversary damnit, we’re going to be together. So we tried to sit in the living room and ignore the direct orders to change the channel. Then there was this whining about football still being on tv when there were so many great movies we’d seen a million times on, so my mom came in and changed the channel and Chris was banished to the den. I spent the better part of the next 2 hours walking back and forth feeling guilty. Luckily I had some Mike’s Hard Lemonade to keep me company, because holy crap it sucked. We were watching “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, which I’ve seen about 15345674641 times. Chris was watching football in the den with the guys with the freaking window open (it was a balmy -2 degrees outside), so sitting with them wasn’t an option unless I wanted to freeze to death.

After the movie ended, they were looking for a another movie and were like ooooo, “Pride and Prejudice”! I was like, oh HELL no. You’ve tortured me long enough. So I got Chris and I was like, time to go home, so done with this. He wanted to finish his beer first, which gave my mother ample time to guilt me into staying. Chris came out like 15 minutes later with his jacket on, and I was like, yeah…we’re staying. So it’s about 10:30 at this point. And Joni’s like, we’ll watch something else, you’re more important the the movie. So that was good for about 7 seconds…until we started watching “Maid in Manhattan”. C’mon. Seriously? You’re killing me here. That was it for me. I watched tv with Chris and the guys for the rest of the night. I had to wrap up in a blanket and tuck my feet under Chris’ legs for fear that hypothermia would take over and I’d lose my limbs to eventual gangrene, but it was better than the chick flick marathon in the other room. The kids came in at midnight, did the countdown and stuff, which was nice. Anyway, all this was leading up to my original point, that I really enjoy spending time with Chris. During the whole banishment thing, I was getting kinda irritated and I was like, doesn’t it bother you that your husbands are in the other room on New Year’s Eve? Joni was looked at me like I was crazy and was like, no? She explained that she doesn’t need to like all the same things as Gary, and enjoys doing separate things some times. I can totally understand that, and know that it’s like that for most people. And maybe it’s just the “my anniversary was less than 24 hours ago” perspective, but that sucks. While I don’t share all of Chris’ interests (actually very few), and although I love Cowboys football, most other football wears on me after awhile, and I’d really rather watch We tv than ESPN, I’d be content watching grass grow if it meant being with Chris. Corny? Totally. And don’t forget sappy, cheesy and barf-tastic. But 110% true. He’s my best friend, and if we weren’t married, I’d still want to be with him all the time. He’s the funniest person I know, and is genuinely just one of those really cool people that everyone wants to be around. I’m just lucky that I get to. Now that I’ve sufficiently gushed and fawned, and given Chris ample ammo to tease me mercilessly, I can start my day.

We’re doing the whole resolution thing. Quit smoking, lose weight, go to the gym, etc. I’m writing this as I have my 3rd cup of coffee…and it’s 6:40 in the morning. It’s my last great vice, and if anyone tries to take it from me, I may break their arms, rip them off their body and beat them with the bloody stumps. Oh see, now that was mean. I was all I’m in love and it’s wonderful and now I’m all bloody stumps and stuff. That’s what too much caffeine and a lack of nicotine will do to you though.

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