A trophy, a lei and a spirit shark

25 Jan

Got back from our first competition tonight. Win? Shyeah. Fucking FIRST place and a bid to Nationals. I’m a little deaf from all the screaming and cowbells (it’s apparently our thing…loud obnoxious cowbells ringing to cheer the girls on, along with of course the deafening screaming and clapping by the entire gym parents). My ears are still ringing (no pun intended) and I have a pretty killer headache, so I’m off to bed early tonight.

They had this shark, which was like a “spirit shark”…which sounds way dumber now than it did at the time, but I digress…this shark was like dancing around the arena, and our team was like stalking it, dancing with it, etc. Then they had this girl going around throwing leis and t-shirts into the crowd. She threw a lei into the crowd of cheerleaders, and I look over and there’s Kat and 3 other girls practically clawing each others eyes out to get this lei. And the winner is…

Yes, that’s Kat. She had to knock down 2 girls to get it, but damn it, it’s a lei! Ok, I’m exaggerating, it was only 1 girl. That’s my girl, I’m so proud!

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