My daughter the bully

4 Feb

Ok first, how freaking cool is this. Check the address, that’s right, MERRITTocracyblog. Meaning, it’s all about ME, ME, ME! Totally vain and self important, but honestly, it’s never bothered me up to now, why let it start? This is actually a test run, so I can’t get too excited. It’s only like $5 a month, and I signed up for 3 months. This was a huge undertaking though, because as much as I like to think I’m tech savvy, I’m totally not. I switched to wordpress, which is cool, but I’m still on the learning curve. We’ll see what happens with all this.

Ok so, Kat. Bully. Apparently, some little prick picked a fight with Kat on the playground. They were playing in the snow and she “asked” him to move (meaning she told him to get out of the way), he said no, she tried to walk over him and fell into him. So this kid starts pushing Kat, and she’s like, oh HELL no. So she pushes him back, right before he punches her in the throat. She pushes him again, but this time a teacher is actually doing her job and paying attention, and starts yelling at them both. The little monster who started the whole thing flipped out and ran off the playground. Not ran inside, not ran away, like ran home. Loser. The teacher like dropped all of her stuff and ran after him screaming.

So a total of 5 kids (including David) saw the whole thing, and they all get pulled into the Assistant Principal’s office, and they’re all like, yeah, he started it, but Kat pushed him back. At this time, Kat and David are swearing up and down that Kat never touched him. The Assistant Principal is grilling her for like 20 minutes, and finally she goes, well, I MIGHT have pushed him. Apparently I need to teach her about the finer points of lying to teachers, because you never volunteer information! Sheesh. Anyway, the Assistant Principal tells me that Kat is going to be spending recess in her office for 2 days.

Chris and I said next time, make it count. If you’re going to get in trouble for defending yourself against a little heathen, might as well make it count. Punch the shit out of him. I don’t think that’s the message the Assistant Principal wanted me to convey, but c’mon. Who wouldn’t be proud of their daughter, the bully.

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