Juvenile deliquents and Kip Winger

5 Feb

I just thought I’d do a quick post today, updating the status of the up and coming juvenile delinquents as well as give a little insight into why Chris and I were meant for each other.

Considering a run for the Blue Collar Comedy Tour: I was putting David’s headgear on last night (it’s new this week. My mom says it makes him look a little like Hannibal Lecter, but I think that’s just her grandmotherly love showing), and I grabbed 3 elastics for one side and was like, oh man, that would suck, huh? And David goes, shyeah, I’d yell my aaa… and he trailed off. I was like, were you going to say ass? He starts laughing hysterically and was like, hahahaha, yeah I was! No apology, no guilty look, nothing. If he wasn’t so funny I’d consider punishing him.

Doing time: So last night I asked Kat how it went in the Assistant Principal’s office and she goes, ugh. Mom, this one kid had his head on the table, like drooling, and this other kid just kept starring at me with a huge booger hanging out of his nose, it really sucked. I was like, well baby, welcome to juvenile delinquency. I think that the booger kid may be causing her to rethink her life of crime…

A match made in heaven: We were going through the drive-thru at McDonald’s and there was a Chevy Beretta in front of us:

Me: isn’t Beretta a kind of gun?

Chris: Yeah, and a television show with a parrot and guy who killed his wife.

Me: Wasn’t that like Night Ranger?

Chris: Night Knight RIDER. Night Ranger was a band.

Me: I thought that was about Kip?

Chris: Kip?

Me: Yeah, Kip? The car?

Chris: It’s KITT. You’re thinking of Kip Winger, you tool.

Me: Oh. Well I like Kip better. We’re naming our car Kip.

Chris: No, we’re not. That’s gay.

Me: And a car named KITT isn’t?

Chris: Shut up.

Edit: Apparently it’s Knight, not Night. Chris took great issue with this…yeah he’s a dork.


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