A big brother conspiracy and Hannah Montana?

17 Feb

Well, the plague didn’t get me this time. I spent the last week trying to be sick. I emphasize trying because Chris decided he was sicker than me. Totally stole my thunder…if you got thunder for being sick. Maybe not thunder, maybe that’s the wrong metaphor. All I know I was perfectly happy being sick and babied, and he went and ruined it by getting a case of the plague. Dick. Yeah, speaking of Dick (which is totally my new name for Chris), last night, I’m thinking, ok, he’s surely feeling better by now. He’s been milking this for like a week. It’s totally my turn. Merritt-time! So we’re watching tv, and I was like, we don’t have to watch tv, we could talk or something. And he goes, eh, no. No thinking, no considering, nothing. Just “no”. So I was like, fine. Dick. He freaking LAUGHED at me. I was like, yeah, laugh it up, DICK. No apology, no sad face, nothing, he just keeps laughing. So I go, what’s so damn funny? He goes, heh, dick. Just the way you said it, all serious-like. I was like, yeah. Shut up. Dick.

In other annoying news, I hate my ipod. Or, to be more specific, I hate itunes…I think. I plugged my ipod into the computer to charge it, no problems, all is good. I’m sitting at my desk this morning, and all of a sudden I hear friggin Hannah Montana. I was like, oh hell no. So I went onto the next song…which was from High School Musical. SIGH. Now, I don’t know who to blame here. My ipod, itunes, or maybe there’s some big brother Apple conspiracy going on. Maybe they’re trying to brain wash me with their peppy, up-beat preteen anthems about being preteen and fabulous even thought you’re not even old enough to know what fabulous really is because you’re not even allowed to watch an R-rated movied by yourself. All I know is Kat’s music has invaded my ipod and I’m stuck listening to Rob Zombie and Hannah Montana, which just sucks. If I show any signs of regressing into preteen hell, please send help. k? kewl. c u l8r.


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