Haute Couture

4 Mar

Today was “Wacky Wednesday” at the kids’ school. They were allowed to be wear weird clothes, hair, etc. for the day. They asked me for help (apparently because they think that I’m a good gauge of what “wacky” is), and I of course led them to 2 of the greatest eras in fashion…the 80’s and 90’s.

In an homage to 1992, here’s David, doing his rendition of Kriss Kross…

For those of you that aren’t oldcool enough to remember who Kriss Kross was, they were the 2 little kids that wore their clothes backwards and rapped/sang “Jump” ( Mac Daddy’ll make you jump, jump, Daddy Mac’ll make you jump, jump, Kriss Kross’ll make you jump, jump). The spiky hair is a nod to Zack Morris, a 90’s icon, and honestly if you don’t know him, there’s just no help I can offer you.

For today’s 80’s flashback, I present Kat, doing her best Punky Brewster.

I’m proud to say that I also rocked this killer look. Teased side ponytail, wearing every bracelet you own, mismatched clothes…ahh, brings back memories, like totally, for sure!

They were a little shocked when I told them that I used to dress like that, and I purposely did my hair like that. I told Kat that the only difference between her outfit and my old outfits is that I wore leg warmers over my leggings. She was all, what are leg warmers? I put my shock and dismay aside to explain how kick ass leg warmers are. She said, mom, those sound kinda dumb. She obviously hasn’t been schooled enough in the awesomeness of 80’s haute couture. What are leg warmers. Honestly.

Chris said they look like goobers. I think they look absolutely fabulous.


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