From the department of completely useless information

6 Mar

Now that I’ve gotten my complete meltdown out of the way, I can get back to business today. I spent yesterday in my sweats, took a mental health day from work (which is just a fancy way of saying I called in sick), spent the day like a hermit and got caught up on some of the shows that I DVR. The day was pretty much a wash. Although I did learn a little fun fact on Oprah: apparently who you are at age 6, is who you’ll always be. It has something to do with the fusing of your brain, neurons, cerebral cortex, medulla oblongata, I don’t know, something like that. I never did well in biology and when I hear things that sound even remotely scientific my eyes start to glaze over and I start drooling. Besides my teacher saying photothinthethis and spitting all over you as he said it, the only thing I remember from biology is that mitochondria converts chemical energy to ATP. My sophomore year in high school, my friend and I were in serious danger of failing biology and we had this huge cram session for the final. I got a D on the final, so the studying wasn’t wildly successful, but it had some merit because I still remember the definition of mitochondria…not that I really know what mitochondria is, or what ATP is, but I can define it. So if anyone I know is ever on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and their question is what is mitochondria, I could totally be their phone-a-friend, and honestly, how many people can say that about freaking mitochondria.

Anyway, this doctor was saying that your personality is already formed at age 6. You still keep learning and maturing, but your personality is formed. I suppose that confirms what my mother has always told me, which was that I was a horribly misbehaved child. She calls it misbehaved, I call it bad ass, but why split hairs? Also, did you know that your eyeballs are the same size they were when you were born? Same with your teeth. Your face grows, but your eyeballs and teeth stay the same. I’ll add a little caveat with that I didn’t hear it on Oprah, so I can’t say with 100% certainty that’s scientific fact, but I’ve said it to people before and they go, oh, really? I didn’t know that. How interesting! So it could be wrong, but Ive never had anyone say, that’s completely untrue, you big idiot, so feel free to use these tidbits to impress your friends with some useless information.

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