I’m a junkie and eBay is my enabler

8 Apr

This weekend I cleaned out my closet, and took out 3 huge garbage bags of clothes. It was pretty amazing. I don’t know how or why I have so many clothes and can never find anything to wear, but I digress. I had originally planned on selling my goodies in a yard sale, when mom suggested I sell it on eBay instead. I wasn’t ready to sift through all the bags, but figured it was an idea worth trying, so I experimented with a couple of purses and the kids’ old jackets. This morning I sold Davey’s old North Face fleece for $45! This eBay thing is awesome. I’ve only ever bought on eBay, I’ve never sold. It makes perfect sense though, because there’s a market for everything, especially name brands. Since I’ve been watching my stuff on eBay, I decided I’d do a little shopping myself. I mean, if I’m making all this room in my closet, I might as well fill it with some new stuff, right? Chris thinks this a deeply flawed argument, but it’s my stuff, so he doesn’t get a vote. So I’m thinking it’s time for a new bag. I’m selling my Juicy Couture bag, which should bring in a pretty big chunk of change, so that will at least offset the cost of a new bag. I could put it in the bank, but bank schmank, we’re talking bags here. Anyway, I’ve settled on a gorgeous Michael Kors bag (can you go wrong with a Kors? I think not).

So all this shopping and selling really got me thinking, and I’ve realized, I’m a total fashion junkie. Even a label whore.For instance, I was snickering at a pair of Coach sneakers, at the utter ridiculousness of someone choosing to being so branded…until I found a pair in my size that I absolutely love. Or making fun of gladiator sandals earlier today because they’re so stupid looking…until I found the Christian Dior Gladiator Extreme sandals.

You may recognize them from the Sex and the City movie. Carrie wore them several times. But now Icould wear them…if I had $879. Which really is a bargain since they retailed for like $945. True, I’d probably fall on my face and break my ankle. And yes, I may garner some strange looks from the other moms at David’s lacrosse games, but man, I love them. And this my problem. I hate them at first, and then when I find a designer that I like who makes them, I’m all oooohhhhh. I want those. Like I said, total label whore.

The saddest part is, no one around here even knows the damn difference. I carried my Juicy Couture bag all last summer, and while I got tons of compliments, the majority of them were something along the lines of, “Cute bag. Juicy Couture, didja get that Wal-Mart?” Eh. No, didn’t buy it at Wal-Mart. These of course are the same people who walk around with their fake Dolce and Gabbana or Chanel bags that they bought at a purse party and try to pass if off as real. You want me to believe you have a real Dolce and Gabbana bag, but you think you buy Juicy Couture at Wal-Mart? Please. If you’re going to be a label whore, at least admit it. I have a friend who has a fake Louis Vuitton bag, she affectionately calls it “Fouis” (pronounced “fooey”, for “fake Louis”). No shame in faking it, just don’t pretend that it’s real.

But I’ve digressed. I’m headed back to eBay to check more of my auctions and to see if I can get the Christian Dior Gladiator sandals lady to lower her price about $800….


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