Keith Olbermann ruined my movie

23 Apr

School vacation typically means a long week with lots of yelling, bickering and crying, and that’s to say nothing about the way the kids act. This vacation has been totally different, it’s been a real vacation. I haven’t had a kid at home since Saturday night. They’ve been with their dad all week, spending quality time and such. At first Chris and I didn’t know what do with ourselves. We cleaned, did the laundry,we rearranged cabinets, drawers, closets. We’ve vacuumed, dusted mopped and scrubbed. Monday we sat and watched tv until about 9:00 when we went to bed. Tuesday we watched more tv, and ate a pathetic peanut butter and fluff sandwich for dinner. Finally yesterday afternoon, we were like No kids? How often does this happen? It’s really meant as a rhetorical question, but I’ll go ahead and answer: Never. Ever. One of the kids is home at least part of the day every day, even on their dad’s weekend to take them. So we stopped acting like senior citizens and went on a date. We hadn’t been on a real date since Chris took me to Hooters like 4 years ago.

So he picked me up after work and took me to Olive Garden for dinner. Then we went to a movie, State of Play. The last movie I saw in theatres was Kung Foo Panda, so this was really a treat. We went all out, we had the $57 bucket of popcorn, a vat of Diet Coke and Scrooge McDuck even sprang for cookie dough bites. The movie was pretty good, it was one of those smart thrillers that you really better be paying attention to, or you’ll miss the whole plot. It would’ve been better if Keith Olbermann hadn’t ruined it. It had Ben Affleck, who played a Congressman involved in a scandal. I kept trying not to laugh at his dramatic scenes. He was all brow furrowed, enunciating words, getting all angry, just like he did on Saturday Night Live when he was parodying Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment. Keith Olbermann is the host of Countdown on MSNBC, I like him a lot, and I watch him all the time, he’s sometimes obnoxious, and Ben Affleck nailed it in the skit. Anyway, it was all I could do to not see that skit every time Ben Affleck’s part of the story. It was really annoying, because there I am sitting in the theatre, the music gets louder, you know that it’s going to be a part that is all dramatic and important. Yeah. Here’s all I could see.

So thanks to Keith Olbermann my movie was totally ruined because I couldn’t stop giggling. Well not totally ruined because I still had my chocolate covered cookie dough bites…


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