Heeeeeere’s Johnny!

25 Apr

This afternoon we brought the kids to see the Hannah Montana movie. They actually had Johnny of the Cobra Kai as Miley/Hannah’s love interest! So this kid, who they call Travis in the movie, is CLEARLY Johnny.

For anyone who has just crawled out from under a rock and doesn’t know the awesomeness that is Johnny…Johnny is the uber bully from the Karate Kid. His gang of pseudo ninjas were called the Cobra Kai. He’s the most bad ass bully ever.

See? Was there ever any doubt? Anyway, the final scene of the movie is the big crowd scene, it was so exciting, I just knew there was an ass kicking coming! And seriously, after almost 90 minutes of tween giggling and faux-teen angst, I’m ready to see an ass whooping. I start yelling, SWEEP THE LEG! SWEEP THE LEG! And, sonofabitch…there was no ass kicking. There was no sweeping of the leg. There wasn’t even a good bitch slap. Nothing. Just a big stupid song and dance number. I’m like, what the hell kind of movie is this? You show me Johnny and taunt me with fantasies of the Cobra Kai and I get a stupid SONG? This was the stupidest movie ever. I hate Hannah Montana.


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