A day that you don’t learn something is a day wasted…or something

30 Apr

Things I learned yesterday:

1. The DMV still sucks. I was number 195…they were on 164 when I walked in. The lady misspelled my name twice on my ID (after reading it off a form), she hit the keyboard in a rage induced tantrum because she couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t find my name in the computer. I suggested it was because she’d misspelled it again. She gave me the fuck you bitch, shut the hell up look. I gave her the don’t be a fucking moron and learn to read smile.

2. Some people should never be allowed to have a cell phone. Ever. This old guy at the DMV was talking (and by talking I mean almost yelling so everyone within a 12 block radius could hear) on his cell phone for about 45 minutes. We all heard about how terribly frustrating it is at the DMV, how no one understands his pain, how his problems are the most important problems ever, how inept his wife is, etc. When the DMV lady came out from behind her glass cage and tried to make an announcement about ID requirements the guy is still yapping away, WHAT’S THAT BILL? YEAH, I DIDN’T CATCH THAT, SOME LADY IS TALKING REALLY LOUD. Someone’s talking too loud? You don’t say. Dumbass.

3. I saw on Oprah that there’s a hooker at the Bunny Ranch that plays the french horn, which I found fascinating. I said, who knew hookers were so multi-talented? Chris said that we should totally visit the Bunny Ranch because all hookers are talented in their own way. I think not.

I still haven’t packed for our trip, and am in full on procrastination mode, but thought I’d share.

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