No, I’m not dead.

10 Jun

So I didn’t die. I wasn’t hiding in some mountaintop commune of nature lovers and I didn’t join a convent. I just needed to not be so “plugged in”, as dumb as that sounds. I of course cured myself of that this morning when I downloaded TwitterBerry on my Blackberry. I don’t know why, and there wasn’t any real reason for my mini-freak out, I just didn’t want to have anything to do with the internet, my blog, etc. I didn’t even do Facebook. I was just like, bleh.

It’s not like I was really doing anything. I watched about 734 episodes of Law & Order SVU, which totally gives me nightmares, because really, when you see that many stories about rape, murder, child abuse and incest, what do you expect? I cleaned my house a lot…even though it wasn’t really messy. I’ve vacuumed and dusted almost every day, and I’ve steam cleaned the carpets no less than 10 times in 3 weeks. It’s kinda sad. Welcome back OCD! How I’ve missed you! I did get my “new” couch, which I love. As it turns out, I didn’t even need a sofa table because the couch is perfect and all I had to do was rearranged my living room a little, which kinda pisses me off, because I HATE it when Chris is right. I got a new Blackberry, which I absolutely love. Umm…what else? I took off my acrylic nails. I got drunk on Memorial Day. We were at my parent’s house, and my dad has this “margaritanator”, that makes like a tub of margaritas at a time. I probably drank my weight in tequila, and lemme just say, that’s A LOT of tequila. I think that’s it. Seriously, I haven’t done shit in 3 weeks. Joining a convent probably would’ve been more interesting. Although, they probably don’t have margaritanators in convents, but they totally should.


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