A trip down memory lane

1 Jul

I was reading my gossip sites because I, for some reason, can’t stop reading celebrity gossip, even though I think that the photographers and “reporters” who follow celebrities are deplorable at best. It makes me a total hypocrite I know, but I don’t really care. So I’m reading about the latest in the Michael Jackson saga and about how Madonna is in the new fall 2009 Louis Vuitton ad campaign, which by the have you seen? She’s gorgeous, totally airbrushed and flawless, but gorgeous. I told Chris that for our 10th anniversary, I wanted a trip to Paris and a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk. He said he could buy me a house and it would be cheaper, so I don’t really see that happening. But a girl can dream, right? I’d settle for a kick ass bag and a trip to Paris. Or even just the LV bag would be ok. But I want a big one, not one of the dinky little ones that hold a cell phone, lipstick and a tampon. I carry way more crap than that with me, and I’m dropping $500+ on a bag, it better be big enough to carry all my shit. And hell, if Madonna looks that good next to LV, then surely it would work for me. Yeah, I’m a sucker for the power and suggestion of good advertising.

Ok so, where was I? Right, Michael Jackson and Madonna. So I’m reading about Madonna when “Billie Jean” came on my iPod. It was kind of nostalgic and sad. It got me thinking about when I was a kid and I used to strut around with my 387 jelly bracelets and side ponytails listening to “Material Girl” and “Bad” thinking I was the coolest shit on the block. It made me sad that my kids won’t ever really get it, and the world is totally different than it was then. We were watching the news with the kids after Michael Jackson died, and they were like, did he sing other songs than “Thriller”? Yeah, yeah he did. MTV was showing Michael Jackson videos and the kids didn’t even know that MTV used to show ONLY videos. I was telling Davey about how I used to listen to the Thriller album in my walkman, and he was like, what’s a walkman? Sigh.

Me: A walkman is kind of like an iPod. But it played tapes.

Davey: What are tapes?

Oh dear God.

I tried to explain how different it was in the 80’s, how the world was different: before the internet, before cell phones, back when parents would let their kids walk to the corner store alone, and you could play outside until dark, but they really just didn’t get it. To them, the 80’s was like the stone age, filled with laughable hair styles and bad fashion. To them, Michael Jackson will always be that weird guy that wore the masks. To us, he’s the man who made the music that helped define a generation. Regardless of what he did or didn’t do, guilt and innocence aside, he will be remembered for forever changing the face of music as we know it. For that I’m grateful, as are my children, even if they don’t know it, or really understand it.


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