Lamb and tuna fish

1 Jul

Remember that time that I caught the paper towels on fire in the kitchen and you just smiled said, “let’s eat out”?

Remember when we went to Charleston and saw the wooly mammoth that was really a pigmy pony but was seriously the dumbest looking animal on the planet?

Remember when we ran out of oil and huddled together with our hats and mittens on watching Sex and the City?

Remember when the crazy old couple that lived downstairs tried to attack me and you threatened them with a broom?

Remember when my flight got delayed and I spent the day in the airport lounge drinking cosmopolitans and you had to guide me through the terminals over the phone because I was so lost?

Remember when you took me to the Rocky Horror Picture Show when I had pneumonia and sang all the songs and did all the dances for me because I couldn’t?

Remember when I told you I wouldn’t ever forgive you, and you jumped in the snow bank in your underwear to prove you were really, really sorry?

Remember when you tried to put an ice cube down my shirt and you totally missed and it hit me in the nose?

Remember the cockroaches and “deadbolts” at the Master’s Inn?

Remember when I farted and told you that I had been especially gassy and you laughed and asked me to marry you?

You’re still the most fun person I’ve ever met, and make me laugh like no one else can. So here’s to all the “remember whens” we’ve had and all the ones we will have. Like lamb and tuna fish, baby.

July 1 marks the time that Chris and I got together, neither of us know the actual date, just that it’s in July, and that it’s been 5 kick ass years.


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