Girl Talk Thursday: What Turns You On?

16 Jul

I know I already wrote a post for today, but I couldn’t resist playing along with Girl Talk Thursday. So I’m breaking the rules, thou shalt not post twice in one day AND thou shalt not talk about vibrators or porn (I don’t know if that’s an actual rule, maybe more like a guideline, but I’m still breaking it). Yeah, I’m going there.

This week’s topic: What turns you on?

These aren’t in any real order, just kind of a randomized list.

  • Sliding into clean sheets. Crispy, clean, just brought in from the clothesline sheets. There’s nothing like it.
  • A thunderstorm in the middle of the night. There’s something just primal about listening to the pounding rain and the banging thunder mixed in with the occasional flash of lightning.
  • Having the dishes done and the house clean. It’s really hard to get it on when all I can think about are the dishes in the sink or the carpets that need vacuuming.
  • The song “Love Song” by 311. There’s something about guitar, the drums, the bass, that’s just sexy. It’s also of course “our song”, but I really think it’s the drums.
  • Attention/Affection when it’s not expected. When I’m doing the dishes, or folding laundry, just a kiss on the back of the neck, or a squeeze on the shoulder on his way through the kitchen. Just knowing that even though I’m in full-on mom mode, he’s still there and still thinks of me as a woman, not just a housekeeper/cook/warden.
  • Wrestling. Not watching, doing. I’ll push Chris, he’ll push back, we’ll end up in a wrestling match (which I always lose), laughing and rolling around on the floor. Great way to get out aggression.
  • Those quiet moments that you look at your husband, when he doesn’t know you’re looking, and you catch that glimpse of the man you married and remember all the reasons you’re the luckiest girl in the world.
  • Porn. Yeah, I said it. Porn. Quit judging me.

So there’s my overshare. How about you? Care to overshare a little (or a lot) about what turns you on?


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