23 Jul

So I’ve been looking for something “catchy” for a weekly post. I thought about doing Flashback Fridays, but then as I started writing these stories, almost all of them started with, this one time, when I was drunk/high (did I not tell you I used to be a total juvenile delinquent?) and since I have to preserve some modicum of integrity, albeit, not much obviously, I just can’t tell those stories. Then I considered doing the Wordless Wednesday thing, but the only pictures I ever see are from Cake Wrecks or I Can Has Cheezburger, so that wouldn’t work. Then I thought about doing Monday Magic, would be like all about some great new crafting project or some kick ass recipe that I made, then I remembered that I sincerely suck at crafting and I can’t boil water without burning it. The only thing that I could really come up with was Friday Fragments, which is about the random thoughts that I’ve had throughout the week, the random things that just need to be shared and really don’t need a whole post. Brilliant, right? Yes, because I’m really good at being random. Just work with me here.

Here we go.
  • You know where I’m not going? BlogHer. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s this big conference in Chicago that (mostly) women go to. They do all kind of networking, get all kinds of goodies, learn to be even more awesome. It sounds really cool, but I’m not going. And I probably never will. I don’t really like people, especially new people. And I don’t like being away from home without my family. I’m totally needy and dependent that way. Plus Chris is cheap and I can’t see him ever agreeing to pay for a trip about blogging. He’s supportive, just not THAT supportive.
  • As much as I try to be one of the cool kids, I’m actually not. I really, really don’t get twitter. Yeah, I can twitter, send my little tweets and such. But I just don’t get it. And when I reply to people, they don’t reply to me, so I don’t know if it’s because people don’t really like me and think that I’m retarded, or twitter people are just mean. Sometimes I tell myself that they just can’t see my tweets because if they could, and they didn’t reply, and they did think I was just retarded, that would just feed my inferiority complex, and then I’d get put back on anxiety medication, and it would just be a big mess. You can still follow me though. That would make me feel a little better.
  • You know what word I’m really digging today? Clusterfuck. Great word, way underused.
  • I almost got hair extensions put in. I’m so sick of trying to grow my hair out. I called a salon and even made an appointment. Then I told Chris how much they were going to be ($400) and after he stopped having an aneurysm, he told me I’d better be damned sure I wanted them. So to help make up my mind, I played around on, one of those sites where you take a picture of yourself and then try on hair. It was so much fun it was scary.

Some sexy stripper hair:

With an afro:

Channeling Princess Leia (on crack):

How was your week?

UPDATE 7/28/09: Apparently great minds really do think alike. There is a fabulous blog (which you should totally check out), Half-Past Kissin’ Time, and she has this great weekly thing called, ding, ding, ding! Friday Fragments! She’s been doing it for awhile, so I wanted to give her props (since she did it first). Here I am thinking that I had the best idea ever, I found her blog today and the best idea ever was someone else’s first. Who knew?

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