Dude, it’s a blanket with ARMS. What don’t you get?

4 Aug

I consider myself to be a pretty fashionable person. My taste is pretty classic. I like throwing in some new/trendy things with classics to kind of make my own style. I love hats and scarves, and spicing up a otherwise bland outfit with a hat or scarf (around the neck, as a headwrap, whatever. Bonus: scarves hide a multitude of sins). Like today, I’m wearing jeans, a black tank top and a crochet hat that my daughter convinced me to buy because Tori Spelling has the same one. I’m unsure if it makes me look like an out of work artist or a just a 30 year old trying to too hard. I also saw the same hats on the girls on that horrible show, Degrassi, that seems to keep being on my tv. I asked Kat if she thought I looked retarded this morning, and she said, No way. You’re the coolest mom ever. No one else’s mom would ever wear that hat. Hrm, maybe that was the problem.

Anyway, I try not to jump on every fashion trend, but some just sucked me in. For instance, I still wear Uggs. And I love them. And I don’t care that it’s way past their expiration date. They’re warm and comfortable and they’re kick ass. Kat wears hers with shorts, which at least I don’t do. There are some trends that I wouldn’t be caught dead in, like the whole MBT trend. Have you seen these things? They look like moonboots, only uglier. I won’t be getting any, and I don’t care how fashionable they become or how much they work your calves. I like my calves jiggly and unsculptured thankyouverymuch.

Then there are other trends that I just don’t see the problem with. Case in point, the Snuggie. For some reason, Snuggies are horrible offensive to some people, and I just don’t get it. Hello? It’s a blanket with arms! What’s not awesome about that? Now, I don’t have one (yet) because Chris says they’re stupid and it would make look like a retard, that and it’s August, too hot for blankets. It’s not like I’m gonna wear it to the grocery store or out to dinner, so it doesn’t even really count as fashion. It’s for watching tv and not freezing to death. Ever been to the North Pole? That’s how it is here from November to April. Can’t warm up, no matter how high you turn the heat on. And really, it’s inconvenient to have to pull your arms out of your blanket to get a drink or change the channel. Solution? The Snuggie. I seriously don’t see the problem here. People say that the Snuggie is like huge fashion don’t, MomLogic said it’s “the world’s biggest ‘fashion don’t’.” I like MomLogic and all, but it’s not a fashion don’t. It’s not even fashion. It’s a blanket. With arms. And I don’t care how you spin it people, that’s kick ass. Granted, they were talking about Snuggies for dogs, so taken in context maybe…nope. Still a blanket with arms. Still kick ass, even for dogs. Dogs get cold too people. This is one trend that I’ll be jumping on.

Hey, at least I don’t wear Uggs with shorts like some people I know, or wear crochet hats because a 9 year old told me it was cool…no wait I do that. Nevermind.


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