The joys of personal hygiene

13 Aug

Ever since Chris’ brother, Jason, came to visit us, Davey has been on this kick about growing his hair out. Jason has that kind of cool, rocker, I-just-got-out-of-bed-but-my-hair-looks-awesome kind of hair. Davey, on the other hand has been sporting a crew cut since he was about 3, with the exception of summertime, when he has a mohawk. He has never done anything but complain about his hair when it gets too long, he doesn’t like it if it touches his ears, it’s too fuzzy, blah, blah, blah. This summer, he saw Jason’s hair and decided that crew cuts are for babies, and all the cool kids grow their hair out. I have better things to do than argue over hair, so he’s been growing it out all summer. The problem has been, it looks fucking nasty.

It’s looked greasy and just downright dirty. It took me about 2 weeks to figure out that he was washing his hair with conditioner, which was making it really bad, but after he stopped that, it still just didn’t look clean. So today he was taking a shower and I was like, can I show you how you’re supposed to wash your hair because I really don’t think you’re doing it right. He’s like, ok, but don’t look at anything. I was like, darlin, you don’t have anything I haven’t seen, but I won’t look, I promise. So I showed him how to do it, lather it up really well, rub it all over your head, use your fingers to scrub your scalp, you know, normal hair washing stuff. He said, yeah, I don’t do any of that. How do you not do that? I’ve showed this kid how to wash his hair no less than 3487329874 times. I said, do you feel the difference? He’s like, I didn’t know shampoo made bubbles like that… Yeah, that’s probably why your hair has been so nasty. Sigh.

So all afternoon, he’s was stopping and checking out the mirror, flinging his head around, doing his best model impressions. He said to me, Look how it bounces when I move my head, and did you notice how much lighter it looks? I really like having clean hair! Glad I could help, buddy.


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