Where an adult can be a kid

17 Aug

Since the summer is winding down, we’ve been trying to squeeze as much “fun” as possible into these final weeks. Saturday was pretty hot, we spent the morning at Kat’s cheering evaluations, so that kind of made a beach day impossible. We decided instead for some air conditioned fun at the most hellacious and torturous place on the planet magical place on Earth, Chuck E. Cheese’s. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a kid, Chuck E. Cheese’s is the shit. Loud flashing games, sub-par pizza, a freakishly large dancing mouse, it’s all good. Back a couple of years ago when Chris and I got together, Chris was trying his best to buy the kids’ affection by taking them to Chuck E. Cheese’s like every weekend all summer long. It totally worked too, they fell in love with him. I, on the other hand, swore that not only would I never go to Chuck E. Cheese’s again, I’d also never forgive him for subjecting me to that much torture fun. So anyway, because I’m a glutton for punishment an awesome mom, we piled in the car and went to Chuck E. Cheese’s.

I have to say though, I don’t know if it was because I’d taken an handful of ibuprofen ahead of time or what, but I had a really good time in spite of myself. Chris came well prepared with all of his coupons (I swear this guy uses a coupon for EVERYTHING. Name an activity/restaurant/item you want to buy, and he has a coupon for it), so he was happier than a pig in shit. I sat down at our table, preparing for a full day of pasting on a smile and saying, that’s awesome! Good job!, but Chris had other plans. He jingled a cup full of tokens at me and grinned, oh it’s on. First we hit skeeball, which seriously is the best game ever. We had a tournament to see who would have the title of “Ultimate Ownage of All Things Skeeball” (he won, but not by much). I’m pretty good at skeeball. Which is nice to know, because I’m always looking to beef up my resume.

From there we played this zombie killing game, where you basically just shoot the shit out of the zombies. There may have been more of a story or plot to it, but I wasn’t paying attention. Killing zombies is fucking awesome. At one point Davey came over and was like, Mom, I’m getting I’m kind of hungry. I ignored him the first 73 times he said it (killing zombies takes concentration, y’all), then he was totally distracting me.

Me: Go play. I’m really busy right now. Didn’t you eat earlier today?

David: Uh, yeah, I had breakfast, but it’s like 3.

Me: Yeah, then you’re fine, go play, I’m killing zombies right now.

Kat: That looks fun, can I play?

Me: NO! Go away! I’m busy!

By the time Chris and I were done, we were both all sweaty, and our arms and hands were completely cramped. But, holy shit it was fun. I felt kind bad for blowing Davey off, so I went and found him on some air craft-flying-shooting game. And he’s such a good boy, he even had his seat belt on. Kat was of course busy hogging the Deal or No Deal game and pocketing tickets some poor kid had dropped.

Really, the only bad part of the day was when this sweaty little kid ran by me, almost knocking me down, screaming, Chuckie! Oh my GOD! It’s Chuckie! He ran up to the big creepy mouse and gave him a hug. But honestly, even that was kinda heart-warming. I’m getting way too soft in my old age.

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