School daze

27 Aug

This whole getting on a schedule thing sucks. I’ve really enjoyed sleeping late, having lazy afternoons, and I’ve especially enjoyed sleeping in. Oh, did I say that already? So school started yesterday, and so began the school-time morning ritual. Only this year is sucks even more usual. As great as it is to want your kids to be clean, it also means that they start to actually enjoy showering, which means 2 kids, 2 showers, 1 bathroom…mommy doesn’t get to use the bathroom…like ever. I get up at 5:30 when Chris leaves for work and stumble around until I get my coffee. Kat has decided that she needs at least an hour and a half to get ready, so she gets up at 6:00. She’s also taken to showering in the morning instead of at night (when it was much more convenient). She says that her curls don’t look right in the morning if she showers at night, so she has to shower and blow dry her hair before school. Personally, I think her hair looks exactly the same, morning or night, but what do I know? I tried to tell her that, but she rolled her eyes at me and said I just don’t understand. She’s taking fourth grade fashion very seriously. She’s meticulously choosing her outfits, right down to the coordinating hair accessories. For instance, this morning, we had a whole conversation about whether the brown headband would work better than the black headband.

Anyway, after she’s done hogging the bathroom, I get Davey up at 6:30. He’s really digging the whole clean hair thing, so he also has to take a shower in the morning. He’s been showering right before bed and then again in the morning and I’m walking a fine line between bitching because he’s using so much hot water and being happy because I don’t have to fight with him to bathe. He’s also being a little fashion maven, he just tries to hide it a little better than his sister. He said this morning that he was wearing that particular shirt because it was black, which goes with everything, and that his belt matched his pants, but he was sure to slip a not that I care at the end. To which I replied, no, of course not.

I spend the majority of the morning making lunches, putting away dishes, and wandering around aimlessly because my coffee hasn’t kicked in yet. I did get some laundry put away this morning, and it is the second day in a row that my bed was made, which is kind of nice. Most people would really like the slow pace of the morning, not having to rush around to get the kids ready, and would probably take the opportunity to have a little “me time” since you can’t really do much else but wait. But I find it annoying that I can’t be sleeping and exceptionally annoying that I can’t even think about getting into the bathroom until almost 7:30, when I need to leave at 8:00. Yesterday I tried to do my hair, I barely got the flat iron plugged in before one of the kids was in getting in my way. I eventually gave up. Today I didn’t even bother to try. For the past 2 days I’ve just worn a hat. I’m thinking that this new attention to cleanliness and vanity by the kids is gonna make me a hat person, which is cool because I like hats. And it’d be kind of cool if people were like, Merritt, I love that hat. You’re such a hat person! Yesterday my ex said, do you know you’re wearing a $60 baseball hat? (it’s a True Religion hat) I was like, yeah, I got it on sale, what do you care? He was like, I don’t, I’m just making an observation. I like it, it suits you. Which I guess is kind of like saying I’m hat person. Either that or he’s looking for a way to get out of paying child support this month…perhaps I should check into that.

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