This one’s for you, Dolores

28 Aug

There are a lot of dumb things about Twitter. Like how every morning I feel compelled to share that I must have coffee to function, or sharing the random things that happen during the day (although, in fairness, that’s not Twitter’s fault as much as it is mine, I blame them for making it so damn addicting). It’s kind of like an over-sharing playground with all kinds of random and useless information, which is really most of its appeal. It’s also dumb that I only have 140 words to express myself, which is annoying because it’s really showed me that I’m very wordy. I didn’t know that before. I’m always running out of room on my tweets and have to re-word, then in all of my deleting, retyping, copying and pasting, I usually end up forgetting a word and look like a dumbass who can’t spell or has any understanding of the English language.

Twitter can also be very useful. For instance a couple of weeks ago, FedEx said my package had been delivered, but it wasn’t at my house. The driver said he delivered it, but it wasn’t at my house. So I tweeted about my troubles:

Got an email from FedEx saying my package had been delivered. But it hadn’t been. But the driver said it did. But there’s no damn package!
11:41 AM Aug 11th from web

FedEx lady said: “Our records indicate that your shipment has been delivered.” Dude. It has not been delivered!
11:48 AM Aug 11th from web

Then I saw this:

FedexDolores@miss_merritt Hi this is Dolores with Fedex I’m sorry about your package. Would you like for me to followup with the station for you?
12:01 PM Aug 11th from web in reply to miss_merritt

Huh. Look at that. I tweet and get results…very interesting. Who knew that could happen?

A lot of people apparently. Yesterday, there was this one blogger who was complaining about her broken washing machine, and she was all, don’t buy from XYZ company! Like calling for a boycott and such. Apparently then a bunch of her twitteratti (I think I pirated that word from The Bloggess) called this company out and they went to bat for her, so that she’d get her washer fixed. The company apparently send someone right out and it’s going to be fixed. How’s that for results. Now there were some people who were pissed because she was using her popularity for evil, and said that she shouldn’t have called for a boycott, etc. Personally, I couldn’t care less how this particular blogger uses her popularity, or whether or not she should call for boycotts. If people are dumb enough to do or not do something because she says so, that’s their own issue. I just think it’s cool as hell that Twitter produces faster results than calling customer service, waiting in line, or hell, even talking to someone in person.

Problem. Complain on Twitter. Problem resolved. I wonder if it’s like a person’s job at these companies to monitor stuff like that on Twitter. I wonder if I could that job…all you have to do all day is monitor Twitter…hell, I already do that. Yeah, I need that job.

By the way, so you don’t think I hate FedEx, my issue was resolved. It turned out that they’d delivered my package to my next door neighbor’s house instead of my house, I got my package, so it was all good. I also didn’t even see the message from FedexDolores until like a week later (because I’m still mildly retarded about how Twitter works), so I didn’t even get a chance to tell her how cool I thought it was that she contacted me to try to help. So Dolores with FedEx, since I never contacted you to thank you for trying to help, this post is dedicated to you. And Twitter.

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