I AM crafty! Who knew?

8 Sep

Friday I got it in my head that I should refinish the buffet. I spent the afternoon trying to sand the finish off it. First, sanding sucks, even with an electric sander. It’s so, so boring. I got the top about 3/4 done when I sent Chris a text that said, Screw this. I’m done sanding. I’m thinking at this point that maybe home projects aren’t really my thing, I have no patience for it. When Chris got home from work he tried to show me how “easy” it was to sand. It was still messy and boring as hell. So I told him where he could put his sander and decided to just paint it instead. I went to Home Depot and got my primer and paint, then we spend about an hour and half in the drawer pull aisle. Debating on the merits of brushed metal compared to silver or embossed silver. For real. I think that we just need to have a constant argument going. He finally said, Babe, seriously, I don’t care. Just pick something. Good enough, sounds like a win to me.

So I got home and was all re-enthused about painting it. I started priming it and the phone rang. It was our pastor (also a huge football fan). It was opening weekend of college football, and he didn’t get the channel that his team’s game was on, so Chris invited him to watch it at our house. Keep in mind my house was a disaster. Dust everywhere from sanding all day, drawers emptied out, painting sheets all over the floor, it was an enormous mess. He says, you don’t mind, right? Heh. It was ok though, it made me get my ass in gear. There was no way I was going to let my pastor and his wife come to my house like that. You should see her house, it’s right out of Southern Living, it’s so, so beautiful. I have total house-envy. So, I got up early Saturday morning and finished the buffet (it’s gorgeous, by the way), got the house cleaned and out back together, showered and was ready in time to watch the Georgia game with Chris. Then I got the best compliment…EVER. The pastor’s wife said, Oh, I love your house, you really have style. It’s very…Pottery Barn. I could have died and gone to heaven right then. I played it cool though, I was like, Oh, thank you, it’s nothing. Inside I was totally going, omgomgomgomg YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Success! I mean, my love for all things Pottery Barn is really no secret.

That’s what it looks like now. I didn’t take a before picture, mostly because I didn’t think it would turn out this good and I didn’t want to have any proof that I messed it up.

So maybe I don’t hate home projects after all, maybe I just needed some validation. Or maybe projects that include an electric sander just inherently suck. Or maybe I just really have no patience. Either way, it was a big accomplishment, and I really love it. I celebrated by doing absolutely nothing for the next 48 hours.


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