They’re not spoiled…they just get everything they want

15 Sep

Since the kids have been babies, everyone has always told me that they’re spoiled, I do too much for them, I’m insane, whatever. I used to scoff at these people, what the hell do they know about me or my kids? I mean if I want to spoil them, I can, right? They are MINE after all. As much as I may complain or bitch about the finer points of motherhood, the fact is, I’m crazy about my kids. I think they’re the coolest people on the planet, and I feel so lucky to know them, let alone be able to raise them. It’s just awesome, they’re awesome, I’m awesome, it’s all awesome. Well, in all this awesomeness, I’ve started to think that maybe I’ve not only spoiled them, but I may have set a new standard for spoiled. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t act spoiled. I get pleases and thank yous, I get (and demand) respect, and anything that even looks like ungrateful or spoiled is dealt with quickly and harshly. My problem is, when you spoil so much, and the bar gets higher and higher, what do you do to top yourself?

For instance, they’re turning 10 in October. And c’mon, 10 is a big deal, double-digits, 10 years without any catastrophic injuries or prosthetic limbs, that’s something to celebrate. So anyway, Chris and I decided (well, I decided, Chris kinda just sighed and went along with it) to fulfil Davey’s greatest wish, which is to see KISS in concert. They’re his favorite band, he’s been singing along with “Rock and Roll All Nite” and “Calling Dr. Love” since he was about 2 years old (don’t judge me, the kid has good taste. What am I supposed to do? Say, no, you can’t listen to that. Listen to the Wiggles just like everyone else. Fuck that, the Wiggles suck.) So we’re taking him, in full Gene Simmons face makeup to see KISS for his birthday. I saw KISS about 8 years ago when they were on tour with Aerosmith, and it kicked so much ass. Davey has always asked me about it, and said that it was his “biggest wish EVER” to see them, and I told him that if they came close to us again, I’d take him. So, we’re taking him. He’s near giddy with excitement.

Kat has zero interest in going, so we had to find a great birthday present for her. She’s always wanted a dog of her own, so…can you see where this is going? We got her a dog. Even though her birthday isn’t for another couple of weeks, I can’t keep a secret or a surprise to save my life, so she got it early. We got her a white chihuahua puppy on Friday night. She was so excited, she literally cried tears of joy, it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. She was so grateful, and so happy. We already have 2 dogs and getting a dog for a kid means that the parents have to take care of it, but Kat is one of the most responsible kids I’ve ever met, much more so than even Davey, so I’m not worried about it. Besides, the puppy is cute as hell.

My problem is, how am I ever going to top this? I just don’t think I can keep up this pace, I’m going to go broke or get divorced, or both. Like, last year for their birthday I got Kat a pair of Uggs, which are really not cheap, and we bought Davey a PSP (PlayStation Portable), also not cheap. Christmas was “low key”, in that Kat got an American Girl doll and Davey got a bunch of video games, I still ended up spending nearly $500 on each of them. Now I’ve topped that with the whole KISS concert/new puppy birthday, plus we’re taking them to Disney World for Christmas this year, what the hell am I going to do next year? At this pace, they’re going to have a fucking yacht by the time they turn 18.

Now Chris has made me promise that I can’t buy them anything else. He said, no matter what, you CANNOT BUY THEM ANYTHING ELSE. I was like, yeah, got it. He was all, babe, I’m not fucking kidding, this is IT. NO MORE. He always says that though. Maybe I could just get them something small, maybe a small island of the coast or France or something…

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