Bring back that loving feeling, whoa that loving feeling…

16 Sep

With all this move stuff going on, Chris and I have been spending the majority of our time either arguing, stressing, debating or scratching each other’s eyes out. It kind of all came to a head a few days ago when we were having what should’ve been a normal discussion and it ended up with me in tears and him holding his head in hands, clearly on the verge of a breakdown. This just isn’t how we do things. We just don’t fight that often, I mean, yeah we disagree and snipe back and forth sometimes, but we really don’t fight. Most times, when we “fight” we bicker for a few minutes, he makes a joke, I call him a jackass and we move on. Lately, that just hasn’t been happening. Anyway, after the dust settled, we decided that enough was enough. We decided that we really needed to get back to basics and get back to why we work so well to begin with.

So Monday night, we were both kinda tired, but we wanted to watch Monday Night Football, so we decided to watch it upstairs in bed. So we’re lying there all cuddly (trying to mend our relationship, remember), and he says, this is nice. I was like, it is. You know, sometimes I wish that we could’ve done things different. Like, I had the chance to be your actual girlfriend. See, when we got together, he lived in South Carolina, I lived in Maine with the kids, so we’ve never had a “normal” relationship. We never got to do some of those fun dating things that people do. So he says, what do you mean? You were my girlfriend. I was like, no, I mean like, you pick me up for dates and stuff. You know, like normal people do. Normal people go on real dates. The only date you ever took me on was to Hooters, that hardly counts. He was all, Hooters totally counts, you just don’t appreciate it like I do. Heh, I bet I don’t. So we didn’t say much else about it, the game got pretty good and fixing a relationship or not, football was on. We do have priorities, you know.

So yesterday, he only had to work until 12:30, so he sent me a text and asked if I wanted to leave early and get some lunch. I was like, yeah sure, just let me know when you get here. So I go about my business, and figure he’ll call when he’s in the parking lot. About 20 minutes later, he calls and says, hey, so I was wondering if you were busy. I’m in town today, and I’d really like to see you. I’m totally confused. I was like, uh, ok? I checked my phone to make sure that it was really him, and I wasn’t going insane. He says, yeah, I just thought that we could go get some Chinese food. I’ve been thinking about you a lot, and I’d love to spend some time together. I’m completely confused. I was like, what are you talking about? I thought we already said we’d go have lunch? What are you saying? Honestly, at this point, I’m thinking he didn’t mean to call me. He really meant to call his mistress and just didn’t realize it was me and didn’t hang up fast enough. My mind is racing, my blood starts boiling, I’m getting really, really angry. He says, I thought you said you wanted to go on a real date. Isn’t this what guys are supposed to do? Call you up and ask you all proper? I just want us to be good again, and I know this is important to you. I feel like a total douche. Here I am thinking that my husband is having an affair, and he’s really just trying to “date” me. I’ve said something in passing that he’s not only listened to but has actually put some thought in, and all I can think is that he didn’t call me on purpose, that he meant to call some other woman. Sigh.

After lunch we were driving home and got a flat tire on the interstate. He says, see, I’m so glad this wasn’t an actual date. Bad Chinese food, a flat tire, you standing on the side of the interstate, I’d have to go home and cry myself to sleep. This is the worst date ever. I just smiled and said, I think it went pretty well, considering.


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