At least she’s tiny…

21 Sep

It’s been a little over a week now since we introduced our newest pain in the ass little addition to our family. We got Kat a chihuahua for her birthday, even though her birthday isn’t for another couple of weeks (ok, maybe they’re a LITTLE spoiled). Kat decided this monster puppy should be called Bella, because she’s beautiful because of Twilight because Tinkerbell was already taken by Paris Hilton and Chris refused to call her Tinkerbell purely on principle.

When Kat’s dad and I took Kat to pick up Satan Bella, we had already agreed that she’d need to also go to the pet store to get puppy stuff. In Kat’s mind, that meant clothes, a “fabulous bag” to carry her around in, lots of pink accessories, and even a baby book, all of which she suckered her dad into buying. I didn’t even know they made baby books for dogs. Now, I totally get the appeal of a little dog, I have a pomeranian, Vivvy, who is honestly like a third child to me. She’s the biggest baby ever, she’s spoiled and demanding, and I completely adore her. I have never seen anything like this in my whole life. Since the minute Kat picked her up, she’s done nothing but follow Kat around, sleep on Kat’s bed every night, just be completely and totally devoted to Kat. In fact, the Monday after we brought her home, Kat had to go to school and you would’ve thought that it was the most traumatic thing in the world…for both of them. Kat cried, Beastly Bella let out this awful, heart-breaking wail…for about 30 minutes. She cried and shook almost all day waiting for Kat and as soon as Kat walked in, it was like the the damn dog had witnessed the Second Coming. I’ve never seen anything so ridiculous in my life. From either one of them, by the way. They’re both nuts about each other.

So she’s now doing all that really annoying cute puppy stuff. Stealing slippers (which incidentally is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen because the slipper is about 10 times her size), peeing on the carpet, scaring the crap out of me ever time she gallops down the stairs, or better yet, sticks her head through the railing on the stairs, learning to bark, all that great stuff. But as much as we can’t believe that we were so stupid to get another dog are dealing with this puppy stuff, it’s totally worth it, because Kat is so, so happy. As Jerry Maguire said, check out what pure joy looks like.

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