trees, sticks and miracles

26 Nov

This week the kids and I were really feeling the urge to decorate for Christmas, so much so that we did everything on Tuesday! Two days before Thanksgiving! I’m only getting around to posting about it now because I also finally painted the bare concrete floor in the living room we’ve had since August, but more on that later.

As I told you before, we’d planned on going to Maine for Christmas, unfortunately that’s just not going to happen. Because we had no intention of being here for Christmas, we really didn’t plan on a tree. When we moved from Maine last year, we didn’t take our tree and last Christmas we had a sorry excuse for a Charlie Brown tree (which ended up at Goodwill), so we were out of luck in the tree department. Chris and I started looking for a tree (I don’t do real trees, they’re WAY too messy!), but have you looked at the prices of artificial trees? They’re hundreds of dollars, even for the most basic tree. When I was working outside the home, I wouldn’t have even thought twice about dropping a couple hundred bucks on a tree, but now, there’s no way I’d spend that kind of money on a tree. BUT, when we found out that we weren’t going to Maine, we promised the kids that we would have the most beautiful Christmas tree, and our house would look and feel like Christmas, it would be more beautiful that ever before (no pressure, right?)! We had no idea how we were going to deliver that promise, but lucky for us, we didn’t have to figure it out. I got an email from a new and wonderful friend, saying essentially, don’t think I’m crazy but, God is telling me to give you this Christmas tree. She had a second tree and initially planned on using it, even had it all set up, and would you believe she took it down and gave it us? Now THAT is a God thing! Chris and I were moved to tears, really blown away. So without further adieu, here is that beautiful tree.

Isn’t she beautiful? Here’s a closeup in the daylight, so you can see the ornaments better.

We got all the ornaments at Home Depot, they’re Martha Stewart, so you know they’re coordinated. We got everything on the tree, a 100 piece set, for $29.99! It was my dream to have a gorgeous tree, with all matching, color-coordinated ornaments someday. Someday has arrived! But since we can’t forget that we have sentimental ornaments, we had to have a second tree.


Ok, it’s not a tree, so much as a cool looking stick, but I really wanted to keep everything very organic feeling this year. I’m sure I could’ve found a tree this size pretty inexpensively, but I like this a lot. We’ve got my Gone With the Wind ornament (it does the whole final scene, the one that says, But Rhett, where shall I go? What shall I do? Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. Best movie ever!) It’s got mostly ornaments the kids made, but we’ve got Chris well represented with a Chief’s helmet, and a big scary bulldog choking a yellow jacket, for those not into the whole college football thing, that would be the Georgia Bulldogs grabbing a Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket (our in-state rival). And nothing really says Christmas like strangulation, right? *wink* This “tree” is sitting on my kitchen counter, so we get a little Christmas in every room

The kids are thrilled with the two trees (well, one tree and a stick), and Chris and I are so thankful that our prayers were answered, and our dear friends answered that call. Making this transition from Maine to Georgia has been a challenge at times, making this home for the kids has been our number one priority. We knew after the disappointment of not being able to go back to Maine and see our family, we had to make this Christmas extra special. So for us, this tree really was a Christmas miracle.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the rest of the decorations (the mantle, etc.) as well as a couple of things I did outside!

2 Responses to “trees, sticks and miracles”

  1. Amy Cunningham November 28, 2010 at 3:24 pm #

    LOOOOOVE this! LOVE it, simply LOVE it! Bless those friends of yours. Bless them for their generosity and bless them for listening to God within their hearts.


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