I call her buttercup

11 Dec

I don’t know if I’ve ever told you, I used to be a bad, bad, BAD cook. I burned everything. The kids used to joke that they knew it was time for dinner when the smoke alarm went off. I’d like to pretend to be offended, but I’d be lying to myself. I really was that bad. So I took it upon myself to learn to cook. I’ve been watching Food Network, Martha Stewart, scouring how-to blogs, and going back to basics. Over the past year, I’ve turned into a pretty good cook. I’m not a 5-star chef or anything, but I’m pretty darn good. And the crazy thing is, I enjoy it. Who knew that was even possible.

So for months, as I’ve watched these bona fide chefs and domestic goddesses cook, I see them throw everything into their Kitchen Aid mixer. Oh how I longed for one. I mean, that’s how you tell the men from the boys…or in my case good cooks from crappy ones. Have you ever priced them? Even at the best deal I could find (and I’m sorry, I can’t seem to find where that was located), I was looking at at least $300, and that was for the Artisan mixer, not even the Professional, which was about $500. I guess the difference is the Artisan one the head lifts up, and the Professional one the bowl lifts up and down, not the head. Anyway, one night a couple of weeks ago, I was lamenting my loserness of not having a Kitchen Aid mixer when I happened across QVC. They were offering the Kitchen Aid Professional Mixer at a ridiculously low price. I emailed Chris a picture of one of the mixers with the word Swoon. He wrote back, You want it, it’s yours. You deserve it. Long story short, I wanted, I got. Did I not tell you how awesome Chris is? He totally is.

Even though white is supposed to be the great vintage color of the Kitchen Aid, and all the cool kids have a cobalt or a red one, I chose a color called “butter”. It is the most fantastic vintage yellow, and I’m so glad that I listened to my heart and got what I really wanted. Here she is in all of her buttery deliciousness.


I think it’s one of my favorite things ever. One of my concerns before I got it was that I wouldn’t use it enough to justify spending that much money on a kitchen gadget. Not a problem. I use it ALL the time. I use it for even mundane things that I could easily just stir by hand, like the filling for my stuffed shells. I don’t need a mixer for that, but stirring hurts my wrist (carpal tunnel and all), I have a beautiful mixer, it’s a win-win.

Really, everyone loves it.

Kat loves to watch it spin.

Davey loves to lick the batter.

Chris loves the things I make with it. Most recently I made The Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon bread. Oh. My. Gosh. So freakin good. Ridiculously good.

He’s testing it.

Yup. He likes it. Like I said, ridiculously good.

Gorgeous. Can you even believe *I* made this?! By myself?!

I know, I was pretty shocked too. This mixer is one of those things that is SO worth the money. You’d think I was getting paid for a review or something the way I’m raving, but nope. I just really love it that much.-


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