maybe not yet but it’s good enough for me!

17 Feb

Today was the most spectacularly beautiful day (70 degrees!) we’ve had in months. It was a wonderful reminder of why we’re here and why I love Georgia so much. I really, really, REALLY dislike the cold and I detest the snow. Winter in Maine makes me feel like a bear. I just want to hibernate until it’s over (can you say seasonal depression?) I don’t know if winter is really gone, but for me it is. It’s kind of like in Maine, I’d get to about the end of February and declare winter over. I’d wear flip flops every day no matter what. Even when there was still 3 feet of snow on the ground and I knew that winter wasn’t really over until the last week of April. Because that’s how I roll. To me, decorating is no different. I don’t want winter anymore. I want to feel refreshed and new, which is what spring feels like to me. And I don’t want to hibernate anymore! So today, inspired by the weather, I took down all the winter decorating stuff and brought out the spring stuff. It wasn’t much, but just enough to make it FEEL lighter.

I’ve loved the sticks on my mantle, I’ve used them in several different places, I love how organic they make the room feel, and I wasn’t willing to get rid of them just because they didn’t really “fit” with spring and summer. Sticks in the fall and winter, yes. Spring and summer, not so much. So I had a vision. Inspired by this (Vincent Van Gogh’s painting “Almond Blossoms” –which happens to be one of my favorite paintings by my absolute favorite artist):

I made this:

Kinda cool, I thought. It was really easy. I just used some metal twine, like you’d use for flower arrangements, some fake hydrangea blooms (cut from bunches I already had), and sticks.

I cut the bloom right from the bunch, making sure I’d left enough stem to wrap the wire around. Then I wound some of the wire around the stem of the hydrangea bloom.

Geesh, need a manicure, much? Anyway, then I wound the wire around the branch.

Here’s what it looks like all done and prettified.

In keeping with the “artist” theme, I decided to just make the apples random. They’re supposed to look like they would in a still life painting. When I tried to explain this reasoning to Chris, he assured me they “still just look like apples”. Well, it makes sense to me, and I just love it.

I really love how simple it is. The little vintage milk jar is something that I had on a shelf in another room. And let’s be honest, I have a thing for hydrangeas. I think they go with any season and green is my favorite color.

It was so easy and totally free. I LOVE that! I’ll leave you with one last bit of inspiration.

Our kitchen chalkboard. Love.  Happy spring (even if it’s only pretend and it snows 4 feet where you are)!


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