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wha…? Apartment Therapy??

10 Mar

I didn’t fall of the face if the earth. I’ve just been kinda doing wrapped up in the everyday “stuff”. Honestly, I kinda forgot I was supposed to be writing! I have some updating to do, and will get on it this weekend, but I just wanted to share my “Wha….?” moment with you. That’s what I say when I’m literally speechless. Which y’all know happens so rarely!

Anyway. I found out today that our living room is on Apartment Therapy! Wha….? Yeah. I thought it was pretty freaking awesome. There were a couple of comments that made me scowl, but as Chris says they’re just haters. I’ll go with that! I guess though to just address them in short order, we LOVE the living room. We think that it matches wonderfully with the “brown” stone fireplace, and we like our furniture thankyouverymuch. And we own it. And we spent less than $200 on EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF FURNITURE in the living room. So…yeah. That said, there were a lot of really positive comments and I really appreciate them. The floor was a ton of work, so it’s nice to have people at least see that it was a labor of love. I feel pretty honored that someone thought that our floor was good enough to even TALK about, let alone put on a site like Apartment Therapy! I’m pretty flattered.

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